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Toast Skagen
Shrimps, mayonnaise, dill, chive on toasted archipelago bread, salad
Beef Tartare
with marinated mustard seeds and egg yolk
(1, L, M)12,00€
Grilled scallops
herb oil and parmesan
(1, L)11,50€
Aspargus & Hollandaise
with egg yolk and parmesan
(1, L)9,00€


Beef pasta
Fwith pepper sauce and beef sirloin
Seafoodpasta(L, M)16,50€
Portobello mushrooms
with black beans, carrot puree and potato confit
(1, M, L, V)16,50€


Fisherman's pan-fried salmon
with shrimp tartar, served with new potatoes
(1, L)23,50€
Fried archipelago pikeperch
with buttery horseradish sauce, served with new potatoes
(1, L)27,00€
Salmon soup
with archipelago bread
Lobster 500g
A whole lobster pan-fried in garlic butter, pommes frites
(1, L)42,00€

Children´s menu

Minute steak
Spiced butter, french fries
(1, L)10,00€
Alba’s laughing sausages
Sausages with french fries
(1, L)8,00€
Little fisherman's salmon
with mashed potatoes
(1, L)10,00€
Pasta Bolognese(L)9,00€


Toast Skagen
on archipelago bread
(L, M)18,00€
Scallop salad(L, M)18,00€
Goats cheese salad(L)15,50€
Warm chicken salad(L, M)16,00€

Meat dishes

Pepper steak
180g tenderloin with, thyme potato cake
(1, L)29,00€
Coeur de filet
180g tenderloin ”heart”, served with red wine sauce, garlic butter and thyme potato cake
(1, L)29,00€
The Harbours Grill Steak
200g sirloin steak with spiced butter and red wine sauce, pommes frites
Steak Frites
300g entrecôte with bearnaise sauce and pommes frites
(1, L)28,00€
Shank of lamb
Braised lamb shank with red wine sauce and gremolata potato puree
Salvia chicken filletcorn-fed chicken with sage-butter sauce and potato confit(1,L)21,00€


Chocolate cake(1, L)10.00€
Key Lime Pie
American lime pie
Crème Brûlée(1, L)10.00€
Soft ice
chocolate or vanilla
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